Big Island Quakers

Friends on the Big Island are spread across the island, often at great distances from each other.  For a number of years Meeting for Worship rotated around various locations on the island, either in homes or public places.  Friends on the east side of the island have generally not been meeting on a regular basis the last couple years until recently when Friends in the Puna region formed the Keaau Friends (Quaker) Worship Group.  They meet at the Neighborhood Place of Puna off Hwy. 130, across from the Humane Society.  At present the  general pattern of rotation for those wishing to visit various gatherings is as follows:

  • 1st Sunday in North Kona (contact Darby)
  • 2nd Sunday in Hilo (Not meeting on a regular basis but contact Rose Everly)
  • 3rd Sunday South Kona (contact Darby).  Also, Keaau Worship Group (contact Rick Troth)
  • 4th Sunday – Keaau Worship Group (contact Rick Troth)
  • 5th Sundays.  Arranged from time to time, usually at Rick and Tom’s home.  (contact Rick Troth)

Plans do change from time to time, so it’s a good idea to check with somebody to be sure where Meeting will be held on any given Sunday.   For Meetings in Kona check with Darby at (808) 322-3116.  For Meeting in Hilo check with Rosa at (808) 333-2513.  For worship in the Puna area contact me, Rick Troth, at (808) 966-7304.  Most of the worship gatherings start at 10:00 AM and often have a potluck following.

There is a small but ongoing group associated with Friends called Volcano Friends for the Truth and Peace.  Contact Yumi for more details at (808) 985-7037.

A few Friends meet only in their homes in unprogrammed family worship.

Meeting affiliation varies on the Big Island.  Some Friends are members of the Big Island Monthly Meeting, which is affiliated with Pacific Yearly Meeting.  Others have their memberships in various Meetings either on the mainland or at Honolulu Friends Meeting (also affiliated with Pacific Yearly Meeting).  The Volcano Friends for the Truth and Peace and the Keaau Friends Worship Group are  independent of any Monthly Meeting at this time.

Friends have an agreed upon manner of conducting their business, as prescribed in Faith and Practice, known as The Good Order of Friends or simply Good Order.  Big Island Monthly Meeting does not hold regular Meetings for Worship on the Occasion of Conducting Business at this time.  Any decisions that need to be made are being made informally.

Friends in Hawaii are a very diverse group theologically.  We  all however  practice unprogrammed worship, which relies upon the Holy Spirit for guidance and ministry.   Some Friends on the islands also find music and Bible reading valuable to their worship experience.


3 thoughts on “Big Island Quakers

  1. Hi. I’m the Pacific Yearly Meeting “Visiting Friend” for 2015-16. I’m trying to arrange a trip to Hawaii and want to include Big Island in that. I’m looking at February as a possibility. I will need help in arranging so that I spend only about 10 days there and cover as many Friends as possible in as many islands as possible. I’d appreciate some help in making arrangements. Thanks. 619.522.6893

  2. We plan to be at North Kona worship on 8/6/2018. We will then be in the Kona area until 8/13 including a Kiwanis convention from 8/9 to 8/11. We would love to spend some time with Friends and storytellers while we are there.

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