Friends in Hawaii

Illustration for Daniel Wheeler

One of the first Friends to visit Hawaii was the English Quaker minister and missionary Daniel Wheeler* in 1836.  Honolulu Friends Meeting was formed a century later.  In 1956 Honolulu built their Meetinghouse and in 1965 Honolulu Monthly Meeting joined the newly formed Pacific Yearly Meeting.  There are two Monthly Meetings on the Hawaiian Islands, Honolulu and Big Island.  There are also four Worship Groups under the care of Honolulu  Meeting:  on the windward side of Oahu, on Kauai, on Maui , and on Molokai.  All Meetings and Worship Groups on the Hawaiian Islands are unprogrammed.

For more information about Honolulu Meeting or any of its Worship Groups, contact them at (808) 988-2714 or  For information about Big Island Friends contact me at

* For more information about Daniel Wheeler see this article:



2 thoughts on “Friends in Hawaii

  1. Debbie Kimball from Honolulu Monthly Meeting send me the following message about the Honolulu Meetinghouse:

    “btw, the Meetinghouse was bought from a widow, whose son grew up in &
    was my housemate later, in the ’70s.
    There’s an excellent history of Hon. Frnds Mtg, which started in the
    ’30s & met for years at a Y & other spots, & served Japanese-Am’n
    citiZems/pariahs during WWII.”

  2. I will be on Hawai’i Big Island Monday December 5 until Sunday December 11…with a college alumni group. On Sunday, the 11th…after this tour concludes…I will be in Hilo until mid afternoon…

    Will Friends be holding Meeting for Worship in or near Hilo…the Second First Day of the month…at 10:00 am?

    If so, I would hope to join Friends then for worship. Please advise your location…directions, too.


    Bob Fetter
    Gunpowder Monthly Meeting near Sparks, Maryland
    Baltimore Yearly Meeting

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