Quaker Organizations and Publications

There are several Quaker organizations representing a wide variety of Friends and their various interests. Here are some of the major ones that you can link to for more information:

  • Pacific Yearly Meeting , mostly represents West Coast unprogrammed Quakers, including Hawaii
  • American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), works on a variety of Quaker concerns
  • Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL), lobbies Congress for Quaker concerns
  • Earlham School of Religion (ESR), a  seminary that trains Quaker pastors and other interested Friends
  • Woodbrooke, a Quaker study center in England
  • Pendle Hill, a Quaker study center in Pennsylvania
  • Ben Lomond Quaker Center, a Quaker conference center in California
  • Friends General Conference (FGC), represents liberal nonpastoral Yearly Meetings
  • Friends United Meeting (FUM), represents both pastoral and nonpastoral Yearly Meetings
  • Evangelical Friends Church International (EFCI), represents evangelical Friends Churches and their Yearly Meetings
  • Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC), brings Friends from across the world together for common concerns
  • Friends Journal, a Friends magazine representing mostly liberal Quakers from FGC
  • Western Friend, a magazine that serves Pacific, North Pacific, and Intermountain Yearly Meetings
  • Quaker Life, a Friends magazine representing mostly pastoral friends from FUM.  See FUM Link
  • Quaker Theology, a publication representing religious thought from progressive Friends

Quaker Poohbah on phone


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